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What does a six-month-plus stint in sex addiction rehab actually entail? We have no effing clue, but it wasn’t enough to get Josh Duggar back on TV.

Anna and Josh Duggar in Happier Times

As we previously reported, Josh is finally out of rehab and back in Arkansas after being shipped off to Illinois in the middle of last year.

He’s keeping a very low profile, however, and that will extend to the Duggar family’s TV ventures, including Jill & Jessa: Counting On.

While we know he will be a hot topic on this season – the family speaks about forgiving, but not trusting Josh – he won’t appear on it.

Sources connected to the Duggars say TLC will NOT feature Josh on his own show, on family specials, or on his sisters’ new series.

It should come as no surprise that the famous family is focused on rebuilding their brand after his epic molestation and cheating scandals.

Trying to move forward without rehashing the sordid past is a tall order, and it’s not like they can ignore the elephant in the room altogether.

Just don’t expect to see him on camera anytime soon. Or at all.

Not everyone associated with him is persona non grata, however. Josh’s long-suffering wife Anna will be on Jill & Jessa: Counting On.

Anna and Josh’s children are actively involved with the family’s story lines, too, so it appears his (much, much) better half is being embraced.

The Duggars said in a statement that Josh has left rehab for undisclosed therapy, where he will continue counseling and focus on rebuilding.

Life, relationships … you name it. There’s a lot to rebuild.

As for what Duggar plans to do for work, the once promising D.C. lobbyist is obviously in need of a new career path at this juncture.

With "TV personality" and "conservative political figure" off the table, what is disgraced dude to do? Join a new family business, natch! 

Insiders say Josh plans to join a family venture that his brothers are starting, remodeling homes, and buying/selling used cars at auction.

If that sounds like a contrived excuse to give the Duggar guys something to do in front of TLC camera crews … it probably is just that.

But at least it’ll keep Josh busy and off Ashley Madison, and they can always edit him out of the footage and pretend he wasn’t there.

Not like that’d be unprecedented. They did it to Jana Duggar when she tagged along with Anna and Josh on their big RV trip. Just saying.