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Jenelle Evans has just about done it all during her seven seasons on Teen Mom 2.

We’ve seen Jenelle get arrested (more times than we care to count), assault people, get addicted, get clean, and hurl numerous insults at her equally shrill mother, Barbara.

Given her willingness to do just about anything to keep things interesting and grab our attention, it’s somewhat surprising that we have yet to see a Jenelle Evans sex tape.

Jenelle Evans: Baby Bumpin!

There have been offers, but Jenelle says full frontal nudity simply goes against her "morals."

It seems partial side nudity is totally kosher, however, as Jenelle recently posed for a number of racy photos in which she almost bares all.

Yes, Jenelle is pregnant at the moment, and she says the pics were taken to promote a line of maternity lingerie.

But … see for yourself:

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Yeah. Kind of confusing, as she doesn’t appear to be pregnant in any of these photos, and she’s not wearing any lingerie in some of them.

But hey, we’ve learned not to look gift nudity in the mouth … or something.

Jenelle posted the photos on her blog this morning, and she explained how they came to be thusly:

"A friend of mine reached out to me knowing I was going to NYC for business and said she had a photographer that would love to do a maternity shoot."

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"I checked out her page, Alli Murphy Photography on Facebook, and fell in love with some of her work, so I decided, ‘Why not?’

"I had an amazing time and it was very stress-free."

"Alli is very great at her work and knows how to make any woman feel gorgeous and sexy, even if you’re pregnant! LOL!"

Sort of a weird "LOL!" at the end there, right?

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Anyway, in a surprisingly lengthy blog post, Jenelle also gave an update on the status of her pregnancy:

"It’s been going very well! No morning sickness, unlike the first trimester for me which was horrible.

"Heartburn isn’t too bad and starting to feel little Miss. Ensley kicking and moving more and more every day."

"Having a girl, this time, is so exciting and very different! I’m so used to raising boys."

"My doctor’s appointments have been perfect and Ensley is measuring what she should be at this stage of my pregnancy. I’m hoping it keeps going as smoothly as it is now, haha!"

Wow, she’s really got a thing about punctuating her sentences with weird textual laughter, doesn’t she?

Sorry, we’re trying to focus on the nudity her, but her writing is just … weird, isn’t it?

And it looks like we’ll have more of it on the way, as Jenelle assured fans that her tell-all memoir will be in stores sometime next year.

No word on whether she’ll open up about why she lied about not being pregnant for so long.