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It’s too early to know which teams will be playing in Super Bowl 51.

Perhaps the Patriots, who are somehow 3-0 despite not even having Tom Brady back from suspension?

Maybe they’ll play the Vikings, who are also undefeated, thanks to a dominant defense and surprisingly not-awful Sam Bradford?

We aren’t sure. But we are now sure which artist will be performing at halftime of the big game…

Lady Gaga Parties


There has been rumors for months that Gaga would take center stage in Houston on Sunday, February 5.

But the superstar herself has now confirmed the news via a Tweet on Thursday night.

"It’s not an illusion. The rumors are true," Lady Gaga wrote on social media. "This year the SUPER BOWL goes GAGA!"

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While we couldn’t be more excited to see Lady Gaga at the Super Bowl, it is worth noting that she wasn’t the first choice of producers.

Over the summer, Adele admitted that she was offered the plum gig, but actually turned it down.

For what reason? It isn’t really up her alley.

“I mean, come on, that show is not about music,” the singer told her fans at a Los Angeles concert in August.

“And I don’t really… I don’t dance or anything like that. They were very kind, they did ask me, but I did say no.”

So Gaga was the second choice, but she’s already proven her bona fides when it comes to performing on such a giant stage.

Remember her national anthem prior to the Super Bowl this past February? It was easily one of the best renditions in the history of that famous song:

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Gaga’s fourth album, Joanne, will be released on October 21. It is named after her late aunt, who died from lupus at age 19.

Over the past few years, meanwhile, other Super Bowl halftime acts have included Madonna, Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry and Coldplay.

Although most people have probably forgotten that Coldplay was billed as the featured performer for the Denver-Carolina matchup this year.

That’s what happens when Beyonce shows up and does THIS:

Are you excited for Lady Gaga’s return to music?

She’s been focusing on acting a lot over the last couple years, appearing in the last two versions of American Horror Story.

We can’t even begin to imagine what she’ll wear on stage for the Super Bowl or what sort of crazy antics she’ll include in her show.