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Usually, when Jenelle Evans says she has big news, it’s a good idea to duck.

Jenelle has been arrested for assault on numerous occasions, most recently for attacking the new girlfriend of her baby daddy Nathan Griffith.

Of course, there are times when Jenelle shares some good news with fans.

Jenelle Evans Side Shot VMAs 2016
Photo via Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Unfortunately, it usually needs to be forcibly extracted from her with the same force a dentist would use to pull a throbbing molar out of your gums.

Our apologies if that analogy was overly graphic, but the fact remains:

She shares every feud and legal struggle with her millions of social media followers while concealing more positive details of her private life.

This remains one of the more puzzling aspects of Jenelle’s relationship with the public, but those who follow her life know it’s her M.O.

Maybe "the Carolina Hurricane" is concerned with losing her reputation as the most badass of Teen Moms? It’s hard to say.

David Eason Holds Jenelle Evans Bump VMAs 2016
Photo via Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

In any case, Jenelle likely realizes that bad news generates ratings while good news is often met with a collective shrug.

Whatever the case, when Jenelle got pregnant for the third time, she buried the news like it was a sack of stolen jewels.

Even after a police report confirmed Jenelle’s pregnancy, the 24-year-old took to social media to convince fans that the rumors were erroneous, and she wasn’t actually knocked up.

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, Jenelle is teasing more big news – and some TM fans believe the troubled reality star may soon be a mother of four.

"Super excited for the future! I know I keep saying this but I have SO much to share with you soon," Jenelle recently tweeted.

For good measure, she added:

"#GoodKarma #BlessedAndGrateful"

Jenelle Evans: Baby Bumpin!
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It may seem like folks are jumping to conclusions by interpreting that comment as a teaser that Jenelle is expecting twins, and perhaps they are, but it’s important to ask yourself:

What else would she be talking about?

Jenelle’s first pregnancy made her famous, and her occasional ups and many downs as a mother have generated the most interest over the course of her seven seasons on the show.

As far as we can tell there’s only one other item of big news the Hurricane could be teasing:

It’s possible that Jenelle is engaged to David Eason.

But mark our words, THG readers – you’ll hear either a twins or wedding announcement sometime in the next few months.

Probably shortly after the season 8 premiere of TM2.

As always, you can watch Teen Mom 2 online at TV Fanatic to relive all of Jenelle’s most bonkers moments from day one.