Jenelle Evans: Dumped By David Eason Via Facebook?

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Are Jenelle Evans and David Eason the latest Teen Mom 2 couple to call it quits? Would anyone really be surprised?

Jenelle and David have been together for one year, but their relationship has been full of controversy. 

Is there a chance that all of the controversy just put too much of a strain on the relationship?

David Eason Kisses Jenelle Evans VMAs 2016

Yes, but the reason the world thinks Evans and Eason have parted ways is due to Facebook

Eason changed his relationship status to “it’s been complicated.”

That was pretty telling for fans who were quick to mourn the end of yet another Jenelle Evans relationship.

That said, it's pretty lame to take things like that to social media.

Sure, it's an easy way of telling people you're single and ready to mingle, but it's pretty tacky. 

Jenelle Evans Side Shot VMAs 2016

Seriously, as passive-aggressive stunts go, this one sounds more like something Farrah Abraham would orchestrate. 

However, Jenelle has a different take on the whole thing and set out to make it clear that she would not be a single mother. 

“Everything’s fine,” the Carolina Hurricane said in response.

“He has no idea how that happened and it’s fixed now.”

That sounds pretty convenient, doesn't it? It begs the question: Could the whole thing have been a huge publicity stunt?

David Eason Picture

If that rings true it just shows that the cast of the Teen Mom shows will do just about anything to get talked about. 

How the heck could he have changed his relationship status and not know about it?

Jenelle has an equally sketchy response about how it all happened. 

“It was our one-year anniversary yesterday and when he looked at the date on our FB about me info he must have accidentally clicked it.”

We believe you, Jenelle! We think!

Jenelle Evans Pregnancy Confirmation

The odd thing about her last statement was that they were checking the date in the first place ... does anyone really still do that?

Think about it: Why would they be checking the date they became a thing if they were so in love and focused solely on that?

If they really wanted to know when their relationship began, they could have just searched for it Google like the rest of us.

Just saying. Not everything about this adds up.

Then again, it's Jenelle, who is currently pregnant with her third child and not exactly a celebrity renowned for making sense.

David Eason, Jenelle Evans Pregnancy Photo

There was much controversy surrounding the pregnancy after it was revealed in a police report following a car crash. 

More recently, Jenelle took to Instagram recently to show off her growing, life-carrying body in some racy pictures. 

What do you think about all of this social media drama?

Did David change his relationship status by accident?

Hit the comments below and let us know!

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