Corey Feldman: What If I Had Committed Suicide After Today Show Performance?

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He went there.

Corey Feldman asked the public how they would feel if he reacted to criticism over his recent Today show performance by committing suicide.

"I don't care if you're hiding behind a computer or a keyboard — it's not an excuse. It's not acceptable," Feldman told Us Weekly nearly a week after the incident.

"The somebody that you're talking about is a real person with real feelings and real emotions.

"And I'll tell you what, if I hadn't been through this one thousand times, I might've taken my life over it. And then how would everybody feel?"

It wasn't until he boarded a plane that Feldman was able to read the comments from earlier that day after performing "Go 4 It," from his album, Angelic To The Core.

Feldman, a child actor, grew up in the harsh limelight of Hollywood, and has been sober since he was 19.

Were this incident to happen in the past, Feldman thinks he wouldn't have handled it as well as he did.

"That's all I could think about when I went on that plane," he said.

Corey Feldman Criss Angel HELP Charity Event

"What if the plane crashed? I was thinking, 'What would happen if I died in a plane crash right now? How would everybody feel?'

"That the last thing that I saw before I got on that plane was them calling me a piece of crap."

It took some time, but Feldman eventually came to terms with the fact that sometimes the haters are gonna hate.

"Going into anything, you're going to have some people love it and you're going to have some people hate it and that's OK. … I stand behind it 100 percent," he told Us.

"We have gotten a lot of interest.

When they see you pulling in these kinds of numbers, like 10 million views on a video in two days, that's really unheard of.

"Nobody expected this. But whether you love it or you hate it, you can't stop watching it. And that sells tickets.

"At the end of the day it's success. We have succeeded."

Good on ya, Feldman.

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