Jana Kramer: Is Husband Mike Caussin a Sex Addict?

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They married in May 2015 and welcomed a baby girl that past January.

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And even though Mike Caussin entered rehab for an addiction to sex, it's unlikely that country singer Jana Kramer will take him back.

With a new album coming out and her focus on Dancing With The Stars, Kramer isn't looking back, according to sources.

"She’s focused on dancing, her baby and her new album," a source told Us Weekly in the newest issue.

“It’s a tough time,” Kramer herself told the publication earlier this month.

“It’s been fun to just work on me.

“It’s not just about dance. It’s about gaining confidence.”

This wasn't always the case.

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Caussin, who used to play for the Washington Redskins, met Kramer in June 2014.

“When he walked on my tour bus, I was like, That’s the man I’m going to marry," Kramer told Us at the time.

Two months into dating Caussin, it was reported that he cheated on Kramer, prompting her to wipe any trace of him on social media.

Things improved for the Nashville-based couple, and by December they were engaged.

“She really did love him,” a source said.

“She ignored the warning signs because she cared about him.”

Kramer tried to convince herself that Caussin's cheating days were in the past.

“She told friends she really believed the cheating would never happen again," the source added.

Before the wedding, Kramer was ready to build a life with Caussin.

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“I always said my greatest job will be being a mom and he’s going to be the best dad,” she said confidently.

“It’s going to be a great chapter for us.”

This past summer, however, that chapter abruptly closed.

Rumors started to circulate in Nashville that Caussin was having sex with an escort.

“The only reason Mike got caught is because the escort knew Jana’s friend," a source told Us (who really has the scooper on Kramer down pat).

Once Caussin confessed, he checked into the same Mississippip rehab that Tiger Woods used, hoping that he could save the marriage.

"He definitely wants to be with her," the source claimed.

Yeah, not so much, Kramer said.

The One Tree Hill star filed for separation last month, and decided to move forward with her life. 

In Hollywood, redemption is best paired with a mirror ball trophy.

Dance that pain away, Kramer.  Please don't let Ryan Lochte win.

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