Adam Lind Child Support Payments Revealed: That's IT?!

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Adam Lind doesn't have the greatest reputation, but like so many of his co-stars, he blames Teen Mom 2 editors for making him look bad.

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Maybe that really is the case, but Lind's behavior off-camera doesn't do much to help with the way he's perceived by the public.

There are the many times Lind has been caught lying.

There are the explicit photos of Lind that have been "accidentally" posted to social media.

And of course there's the time that Lind stole someone's wallet at a strip club.

Yes, even by the standards of Teen Mom baby daddies, Lind's behavior is the sort that makes one stop and say, "WTF was this guy thinking?" out loud.

His wallet snatching behavior is particularly puzzling as the "stars" of Teen Mom 2 are so well-compensated that MTV keeps their exact salaries under wraps, for fear that the show's fan base would tune out if they knew they were actually watching a bunch of you millionaires whine about their problems.

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The men aren't paid as well as the moms, but with social media endorsement deals and appearance fees, even the exes who don't appear in every episode pull in six figures.

Which explains why Lind lied when he said he was quitting Teen Mom 2.

But it doesn't explain why he gets away with such paltry child support payments.

According to Radar Online Lind pays only $945 per month to his ex Chelsea Houska for expenses accrued raising their 7-year-old daughter, Aubree.

Lind pays $1,203/month to his other baby mama, Taylor Halbur, who is mother of his 3-year-old daughter Paislee.

Don't get us wrong, $2,148 is far from chump change.

Adam Lind Shows Off His Body

There are folks out there getting paid minimum wage who don't even make that much in a month.

But when you consider the context - and the fact that Lind frequently misses payments and gripes about having to pay child support on social media - it's just one more thing that makes you want to smack the guy.

Not only is Lind earning several times the income of most guys his age in his situation, he's doing so without holding a full-time job, and entirely because of Chelsea.

“She feels $945 a month is necessary,” Lind once wrote of Houska on Instagram.

“Guess her lil pig, 6 dogs, new jeep and house just isn’t enough and needs some extra $$.”

Of Halbur he wrote:

“Taylor alsooooo filed for more support. And she already gets $551 for Paislee.

"Weird how they both file for more $$ right when season 7 is coming to an end to kick of their season 8.”

Yeah, maybe that's it.

Or maybe they just want money because they're helping to raise your freakin' kids, and you're rich.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online at TV Fanatic to remind yourself of what douche canoe Lind really is.

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