Adam Lind Did WHAT At A Strip Club?

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This is a new low, even for him.

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At around 2:40 a.m. on May 27th, Adam Lind allegedly stole a wallet belonging to an employee of Scarlett O'Hara's in South Dakota.

The larceny victim's friend told Radar Online that Lind is 100% guilty.

“Adam was at the strip club,” she told the site.

“We didn’t know what happened to it [the wallet] until we looked at the security camera.

"He stole it, put it in his truck and pretended to help us find it.”

Detective Steve Redmond wouldn't say if Lind was a suspect, but he did confirm that the Teen Mom 2 star was listed on the larceny case.

What's weird is that police reportedly told the employee that the security footage "is enough to arrest [Lind]."

So, why didn't they go after him?

Public Information Officer Same Clemens of the Sioux Falls Police Department told Radar that “the victim lost her wallet, she thought she put it in her friend’s car.

“The manager watched security footage and saw the suspect take the wallet.”

However, Clemens added, “based on everything, there is no way of determining intent to steal.

"It’s done with now. [Redmond] watched the video and did interviews. After talking to everyone, there is not enough to prove intent.” 

I'm no expert, but if Lind seen on security footage extracting the wallet from its rightful owner's belongings and hiding it in his truck, isn't that larceny?


It was a good time had by all, which started when Lind rang up the club and requested the dancer specifically (the one who's wallet he allegedly stole).

“He didn’t tip anyone. He was wasted. He was with his friend," the dancer recalled.

"They were trying to coax us to go to the hotel. They wouldn’t leave us alone."

Lind acted like an "a**hole," according to the dancer. 

“He started bragging about himself and showing the 50k check he got from Teen Mom," she said.

Strangely enough, Lind is currently dating Stasia Lynn Huber, to whom he dedicated a heartfelt Facebook post:

"Stasia Lynn Huber has saved my life more than once ... Mentally and yup ... Physically too ... For all the stupid mistakes I've done and caused I don't even deserve her... I've cheated ... I've lied ... I've hid things from her that should've been told ... After friends and family have told us countless times to move on ... Well I can't ... And she can't .... I haven't exactly lived a normal life from the age of 16-25 .... I've been handed 100s of thousands of dollars and blown it ... Could've been a better father and friend and man ... But ya know what .. Its made me who I am today .. After all the shit I've been through the ups and downs ... She's always been there .. Always..

I've finally got my shit mostly together ... Own a nice 4bdrm house for me and my girls and her... Just landed a bomb ass job representing Bpi Sports/Cutler Nutrition... I don't do much anymore but gym work and focus on getting custody of Aubree so she can finally be with her sister and myself .. Stasia has been through it all with me ... She loves my children and they love her.. Big things coming in the rest of 2016 ... I love you Stasia Lynn...."

And strip clubs.  Adam Lind loves Stasia Lynn Huber and strip clubs.

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