Alexis Arquette: Sad Details of Lifelong Gender Struggle Revealed

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Just past midnight on Sunday morning, model, actress, and LGBT activist Alexis Arquette passed away at the age of 47

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In the days since her untimely passing, several rumors have emerged about Alexis' final days.

Some - such as the report that Alexis was living with AIDS and well aware that her death was approaching - appear to be legitimate.

Others - such as the claim that Alexis was planning to "out" several gay celebrities before she died - may never be confirmed.

The latest information about Alexis also comes courtesy of a report from Radar Online and has to do with Arquette's gender identity.

Born Robert Arquette, Alexis asked friends and family to call her chosen female name when she was still just a boy.

For years, she identified and presented as a woman, but toward the end of her life, she reportedly encouraged those in her inner circle to once again think of her as a man.

The Arquettes

A press release from Alexis' brother Richmond seemed to verify this transition:

"Our brother Robert, who became our brother Alexis, who became our sister Alexis, who became our brother Alexis, passed this morning," Richmond wrote, following Alexis' death.

"He was surrounded by all of his brothers and sisters, one of his nieces and several other loved ones.

However, friends of Arquette's say Alexis' decision to keep her name but no longer identify as a woman had nothing to do with a shift in identity and everything to do with setbacks presented by her health.

"Alexis' only real goals in life was to eventually get the sex change that would make her final step in becoming a woman complete," a source close to Arquette tells Radar.

Rest in Peace, Alexis Arquette

"But because of her AIDS, it was impossible for her to do so."

As for the press release in which Alexis' brother referred to her using male pronouns, the insider says it's representative of the fact that Arquette simply gave up in her final days.

"This is not what Alexis wanted with her life," says the source.

"She wanted to become a real woman through and through. She wanted a family and she wanted kids."

The unnamed friend adds:

"Alexis felt like she was born into the wrong body and the fact that she did not ever get to become the woman she wanted to be on the outside undoubtedly left deep scars."

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