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Earlier today, we reported on the ongoing issue of Olympic legend Michael Phelps being stalked on social media by Taylor Lianne Chandler.

You all remember her, right?

Taylor Lianne Chandler Picture

A sign language interpreter-turned-adult film star who has attempted to parlay her sexual encounter with the swimmer into a career as a famous … we’re not sure what, Chandler has been a THG staple for almost two years now.

While the exact nature of her aims remain unclear (we assume she plans to reveal them to her victim once she feels she has him thoroughly beaten, a la every Bond villain), it’s obvious that Chandler’s pupils turned to dollar signs the moment Phelps swiped right on her Tinder profile.

Throughout the Rio Olympics, Chandler has been tweeting about Phelps non-stop and granting interviews to anyone who will listen.

She’s even retweeted photos of Phelps’ penis and promised a sequel to her Phelps-based porn, Going For the Gold, if she reaches 100,000 followers.

Needless to say, while Phelps was performing remarkable deeds in the water, Chandler was publicly dying of thirst.

Of course, Phelps announced this week that he will not be competing in the 2020 games in Tokyo, which means Chandler is officially at the 14:59 mark in her fifteen minutes of fame.

As such, she’s going all out in her efforts to cash in on a Tinder hookup that took place way back in the fall of 2014.

In a podcast interview earlier today, Chandler stated that she’s filing for bankruptcy in Alexandria, Virginia and, for reasons that remain bafflingly unclear, she plans to name Phelps in her court filings.

It’s a transparent effort to continue tying her name to the man who made her briefly, semi-, almost famous, and there’s no way that Phelps will ever be forced to actually answer for whatever nonsense she plans to tell the judge.

But if you thought her efforts to smear the Phelps’ name would stop there, you don’t know Taylor Lianne Chandler.

Michael Phelps: Gay Escort Conversation
Michael Phelps: Taylor Lianne Chandler Accusation

Moments ago, Chandler took to Instagram where she posted the above screenshots, which she says are somehow legitimate and relevant.

She claims they serve as evidence that the 31-year-old Olympic star hired a gay escort at some point in the past year.

It’s a shocking assertion, not because of the allegation regarding Phelps’ sexuality, but because Phelps got engaged to Nicole Johnson in February of 2015.

In other words, this illicit tryst would’ve taken place after he proposed.

We’re sure Phelps and his family are unconcerned, as Chandler has been discredited as an opportunistic liar on countless occasions.

In fact, all her latest actions prove is her astonishing lack of judgment.

If her money problems are as bad as she claims, she probably shouldn’t be doing her best to get herself sued by one of the world’s most famous athletes.

Just saying.