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Michael Phelps has struck gold once again…

… when it comes to love!

The Olympic sensation confirmed via Instagram on Saturday that he’s engaged to Nicole Johnson, posting the following photo of the couple along with a caption that reads:

“She said yes.”

Michael Phelps Engagement Pic

“I’m gonna be a Mrs. @m_phelps00," Johnson wrote a short while later.

The engagement comes just a week after rumors surfaced that Phelps has cheated on Johnson, the former Miss California, not just once but with many women.

In addition, The Hollywood Gossip broke the story last fall that Phelps spent at least one night with Taylor Lianne Chandler, a middle-aged woman who was born a man.

She was allegedly with the swimmer the night he was busted for his second DUI, after which the 29-year-old athlete checked into rehab to "find himself."

Then, when Phelps left rehab late last year, he rekindled his romance with Nicole Johnson … much to the chagrin and anger of Chandler and other side pieces.

In emails provided exclusively to THG, Chandler and another reported lover of Phelps, a Baltimore-area dog walked identified as “Sally Smith,” discuss sex with the iconic athlete.

Smith, for example, describes the Olympic legend’s unit as “skinny” and “not girthy,” while Chandler says she bled the first time she slept with Phelps.

Both women say they were badly hurt by Phelps and their exchanges conclude with both trying to find a d–k pic of the swimmer in order to incriminate their ex-lover.

So… yeah. Interesting stuff to put it mildly, and we imagine that with the news of his engagement, we haven’t heard the last from these rumored scorned lovers.

But, hey, congratulations to Phelps and Nicole Johnson!