Taylor Lianne Chandler Posts Michael Phelps Dick Pic, Promises Porn Sequel

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If there were a hall of fame for the most desperately fame-hungry human beings, Taylor Lianne Chandler would have a statue out front.

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In case you blocked the episode out of your memory, or simply re-allocated the brain space for more important information like the name of the guy who played the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld (Larry Thomas), here's a refresher.

In 2014, Michael Phelps got a DUI.

He handled the fallout from the incident as gracefully as possible and checked into rehab to receive treatment for a drinking problem.

It was an unfortunate episode, but by winning gold at the Rio Olympics last night, Phelps basically completed his redemption arc.

The record-shattering swimmer even became a dad in May and plans to marry fiancee Nicole Johnson before the year is out, thus ensuring his Golden Boy status.

We don't want to downplay the danger of driving while intoxicated of the severity of Phelps' bad decision, but as the daying goes, we all make mistakes.

Unfortunately, for Phelps his mistakes have taken human form as a perennially thirsty porn star who's somehow managed to milk 15 minutes of fame from a one-night stand that happened two years ago.

As it happened, the week of his DUI arrest, Phelps hooked up with Chandler after meeting her on Tinder - and she's made a point of reminding the world of this on a daily basis ever since. 

It's not surprising when someone who banged a famous person proceeds to shout it from the rooftops, and athletes in particular seem to attract trophy-collecting sport-f--kers.

The recent experiences of New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman and hockey legend Jaromir Jagr provide two  examples of the ways in which enterprising fans can attempt to cash in or increase their social media following by boasting about doing the deed with a celebrity of the sports world.

But Chandler took things to a new level.

Not only did she sign a contract with Vivid Entertainment and shoot a porn in which she re-created her night with Phelps, Chandler also showed the world what's inside of Phelps' Speedo.

We may never know for certain if the Michael Phelps dick pic is legit, but we do know that almost two full years after she hooked up with him, Chandler is still reposting it on social media.

Since this is Phelps' final Olympics go-round, it's also Taylor's last shot at fame, so perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that she's been retweeting photos of Phelps' dong along with articles about herself from her brief period of semi-relevance.

And, of course, she's also promising a sequel to her porn, but only if she can attract more social media pervs first.

"If you all help me by sharing and promoting my page, if I get back to 100,000 follows I will post brand new xxx video content Help me," Chandler tweeted last night.

Gotta love the double "help me," like she'll drown if she doesn't get a six-figure following.

It remains unclear what Chandler plans to do after the Rio games, but we assume it involves having sex with Ryan Lochte and then writing a series of erotic novels about the experience.

We don't know if she has a title in mind, but we'd like to recommend Fifty Shades of Cray.

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