Taylor Lianne Chandler Posts Nude Photos, Slams Michael Phelps as "Sexual Deviant"

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Back in October, we were the first to bring you the news of Michael Phelps' then-girlfriend, Taylor Lianne Chandler.

Chandler was reportedly with Phelps the night that he was arrested for DUI, and she's been vocal about her relationship with the swimmer ever since. 

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Shortly after he got out of rehab in December, Phelps got engaged to Nicole Johnson, but that hasn't stopped Chandler from openly discussing his many sexual quirks.

Chandler has already talked about Phelps' penis size and love of hookers, and now she's going into detail about the ways in which she feels she was wronged by the Olympian.

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Taylor Lianne Chandler Nude

"I use to always say I lived with no regrets, but that statement has forever been changed," Chandler writes. "I regret with all my being the day that I responded to Michael's message on Tinder.

"I woke this morning to headlines everywhere saying Michael's suspension was lifted and he can return to competition. If that wasn't bold enough and in my face most of the articles ended with Michael getting engaged to one of the two women I know he cheated on me with, Nicole Johnson."

To clarify, Phelps was dating Johnson before he sent that fateful Tinder message to Taylor, so he was actually cheating on Johnson with Chandler, but that's neither here nor there.

Chandler goes on to throw shade at both Phelps' relationship and his public image:

"It boggles my mind how this country and the world raises him up and heralds him for getting behind the wheel and driving drunk and almost running a vehicle off the road," she writes. "They cast aside all the women that have come forward and been used and betrayed by him.

"I don't share the world's love and respect for a man that is a sexual deviant and uses women with no regard for the consequences of his actions. He is not a role model. Just because he is a great Olympian does not mean he is a great man.

"Michael has been unfaithful to every woman he has been with. One day maybe the world will accept the truth and see him and this engagement for what they really are, an attempt to cover up the past and rewrite a story all based on lies."

It's anyone's guess as to why Chandler chooses to showcase her weird S&M pics on the same site where she attempts to portray Phelps as perverted sex addict, but we suppose it's just her way of coping with all that public attention that she claims she doesn't want.

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