Taylor Lianne Chandler: Michael Phelps' Fiancee is a GOLD DIGGER!

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Michael Phelps may have racked up an astonishing 28 Olympic medals over the course of his record-breaking career, but according to a woman who knew him for about a week two years, its Phelps fiancee who's really going for the gold.

If you caught any of Phelps' impressive performances in the pool at Rio, you're probably aware that he got engaged to Nicole Johnson in February of last year.

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Phelps and Johnson welcomed their first son, Boomer, in May and the two of them were right next to the swimmer's beaming mother in the grandstands, as well as at every post-race interview during his historic fifth trip to the Olympics.

Over the years, Americans watched Phelps mature from a gifted wunderkind in Athens to a still-dominant legend of his sport in Rio.

It's hard to imagine a happier ending to such an incredible story than to see a boy wonder-turned-man of the hour joined by his overjoyed fiancee and adorable young son as he caps off one of the great careers in sports.

But as the great philosopher Taylor Swift reminded us every time we turned on the radio last summer, "Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate."

Enter Taylor Lianne Chandler, a woman who hooked up with Phelps back in 2014 and has devoted her life to riding his coattails ever since.

Chandler's efforts to cash in on her fling with Phelps ranged from tweeting a photo of his penis to increase her social media following to starring in an Olympic-themed porn (seriously).

Ever since Phelps announced his retirement, Chandler seems to have realized that she's at the 14:59 mark of her 15 minutes of fame, and she's ramped up her attacks on the Olympian and his family in a last-ditch effort to make a name for herself.

Just today, she claimed that Phelps hired a gay male escort after he got engaged to Johnson.

When that didn't provide her with the attention she craved, she offered up this truly ugly attack on Phelps fiancee:

"Who in their right mind is going to have a baby in the middle of training for the Olympics? Nobody," Chandler said during a podcast interview.

"Hats off to that girl for securing her future. Because of his training he's hardly been there since Boomer was born so you cannot tell me in any way shape or form that they wanted - that he wanted to start a family while he's in the middle of 10-16 hour training days leading into the Olympics."

Yes, she just accused a woman she's never met of "securing her future" by tricking her wealthy fiance into getting her pregnant.

Oh, and for good measure she threw in that Phelps never wanted kids, another thing she has no possible way of knowing.

You stay classy, Ms. Chandler.

Or just delete your account. That might be better.

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