Jeremy Calvert: I'm Getting Engaged to Brooke Wehr!

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Teen Mom 2's Jeremy Calvert is getting hitched - at least according to a not so cryptic tweet he posted about girlfriend Brooke Wehr.

Brooke Wehr with Jeremy Calvert

We've heard this rumor before, but what's different now?

Leah Messer's second ex-husband and the father of her third daughter recently uploaded a selfie of his lady with a hashtag saying this:

"This beautiful, amazing woman has stole my heart. I love her you so so much baby doll, 2 more weeks and I damn sure can't wait @bwehr10"

"#wcw #myone&only #shesamazing #gonnaputaringonit"

Gonna put a ring on it. Not being too subtle there, is he?

Jeremy Calvert Laying Pipe

As for the fact that he's going to see her in two weeks?

It's not clear why - other than Brooke Wehr living in Ohio and Jeremy in West Virginia - but one wonders if that's when a proposal will happen.

This isn't the first time that Jeremy hinted that he was ready to settle down with Brooke, his better half ever since he and Leah divorced.

Just a few months ago reports of Jeremy Calvert and Brooke Wehr engaged - and expecting a child - surfaced thanks to his Instagram ...

Jeremy Calvert Honeymoon Photo
Jeremy Calvert with Brooke Wehr

The pregnancy part wasn't true. But the engagement?

First, he posted the photo above, publicly communicating with her, along with a caption reading, "Babe I say honeymoon right here!!!!!"

Clearly, that could just be a case of a boyfriend saying he'd love to take his girlfriend away on a trip, or thinking about long-term goals.

Still, many fans took it as an indication that the couple is planning a wedding, and Calvert has never really refuted any of that chatter.

What's more, they've dated for more than a year - an eternity in fast-moving MTV land, as you know if you watch Teen Mom 2 online.

Leah Messer has criticized her ex for spending so much time with Brooke over that span and not enough with their daughter, Adalynn.

While we're not commenting on what Jeremy should or should not do with his time, it's clear he's committed to - and in love with - Wehr.

Every post about her is over-the-top with praise, and the kind that seems genuine, as well, not just a reality star trying too hard for attention.

Brooke, it's worth noting, is also a single parent like Leah and Jeremy. So you can be sure this saga is going to get even more complicated.

In any case ... early congrats?!

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