Jenna Jameson: Pregnant with Baby #3!

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Jenna Jameson may no longer be famous for having lots of sex.

But the world's most famous ex-porn star does have a sex-related announcement to make:

Jenna Jameson: I'm Pregnant!

She's pregnant! 

The 42-year old took to Twitter on Thursday night in order to share this exciting piece of news.

“It’s OFFICIAL!! I’m pregnant!!” Jameson wrote as caption to the photo above.

The mother-to-be then opened up a bit further to People Magazine.

“My fiancé Lior Bitton and I are over the moon. God has blessed us,” Jameson told the publication, adding:

“I can confirm that it’s only one baby this time (thank goodness)! I’m looking forward to a fun, healthy pregnancy.”

Jameson is already a mom to seven-year-old twin boys (named Jesse Jameson and Journey Jette) from a previous relationship with retired MMA fighter Tito Ortiz.

She was accused late last year of abandoning these sons, as Ortiz was awarded full custody during an ugly break-up in 2013.

Jameson has denied the abandonment claims, although drug abuse allegations against her are what led to the children ending up under the supervision of Ortiz in California.

Elsewhere on Thursday, the ex-adult film actress shared a mirror selfie of her baby bump.

“This is either from Cinnabon delights… Or I’m pregnant… LoL oh yeah, BOTH!” Jameson captioned the profile image.

Jenna Jameson Baby Bump

A Tweet from earlier this week now makes a lot more sense as well.

"I’m sorry I’ve been so absent lately…Feeling sicky…rest rest rest!” the star wrote at the time, likely making a reference to morning sickness.

We wish her a safe and rewarding pregnancy.

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