Tito Ortiz: Jenna Jameson Abandoned Our Twins

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Ooof, this is a bit awkward.

Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson: 2013 Grammy Awards

TooFab tweeted an adorable photo of Tito Ortiz and his twins (mom is ex, Jenna Jameson) at the premiere of The Good Dinosaur, and it was all well and good until Jameson's name was mentioned.

Tito Ortiz Tweets About Jenna Jameson's Parenting

Hokay then!

"That is totally untrue," Jameson told Toofab in response to the tweet.  "He has alienated me as a parent, and I am in court proceedings overturning his wrongful judgment."

The former couple went through a very public split, which resulted in Ortiz getting full custody of their 6-year-old twins boys, Jesse and Journey in 2013.

Ortiz and the twins live with his girlfriend, Amber Nichole Miller in Huntington Beach, CA.

“We’re lucky," Ortiz told the San Diego Tribune of Miller in 2014.  "She’s been amazing. She’s so caring. The boys love her, she has patience with them, and she teaches them. She makes me happy.”

In the same interview, Ortiz said that Jameson hadn't seen their boys in over a year.

After accusing her of drug use in 2010 (which he claimed started during her pregnancy), Ortiz and Jameson went through hell, with Jameson claiming that Ortiz abused her (the charges were later dropped). 

For his part, Ortiz claims that he never hit her.

"That was probably the worst time of my life,” Ortiz recalled. “I was trying to defend my family and make sure my kids don’t live in a drug environment."

Jameson recently appeared in Celebrity Big Brother UK alongside Farrah Abraham.

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