Donald Trump: Possible Sexual Assault Revealed?

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Shortly after Donald Trump started his presidential campaign last summer, a shocking allegation about the controversial candidate's past threatened to derail his hopes of securing the GOP's nomination.

Donald Trump, Purple Heart

At the time, it was widely reported that Trump was accused of rape by his first wife, Ivana Trump, during the couple's contentious 1990 divorce.

Both Donald and Ivana have denied the allegations, but it remains unclear if she did in fact accuse him of sexual assault in court, as the documents in the case were sealed.

26 years later, little is known about the terms and conditions of the split other than that Ivana's reason for filing was “cruel and unusual treatment."

Now, several major media outlets - The New York Times and USA Today parent company Gannett among them - have requested that the New York State Supreme Court unseal the court documents from Trump's divorce proceedings.

The outlets argue that revealing whether or not Ivana made the allegations would "resolve an ongoing campaign controversy" that's been debated for over a year now.

The Trump campaign maintains that releasing the transcripts would represent a gross violation of the candidate's privacy.

Trump has not yet personally responded to the move, but given his track record, you can be certain that an outraged tweet is forthcoming.

This latest development comes on the heels of what's been described as the worst two weeks of Trump's campaign.

From encouraging Russian hackers to meddle in an American election to possibly calling for the assassination of Hillary Clinton, Trump seems to be doing everything in his power to torpedo his own campaign.

Today, Trump is still reeling after bafflingly claiming that President Obama "founded ISIS" during a campaign event on Thursday night.

Even if the records from his divorce are not released, this is yet another controversy that's sure to hinder Trump's already long-shot odds of winning the presidency.

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