Florida Man Arrested For Weeks-Long Prank Call Campaign Against Area Pizza Places

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Florida Man Randy Riddle was arrested after waging a weeks-long campaign of prank phone calls and fake orders to area pizza places.

Randy Riddle

The hilariously-named Riddle, of Sebastian, Fla., was arrested on August 1.

He faces seven criminal charges in all, local media reports indicate.

Over three weeks of watching Riddle, police say he placed numerous calls for pizza to establishments near his Sunshine State abode.

He then refused to pay, ordered to fake addresses, or in some cases, simply prank called the pizzerias to inform them their food sucked. 

Riddle has apparently never heard of Yelp, but that's another topic.

He posted $5,500 bond and was released after pleading not guilty to making harassing phone calls, committing petty theft, and more.

A condition of his bail is that he can’t call any pizza places anymore.

He allegedly used five different  numbers to carry out his campaign of pizza terror and cost the restaurants at least $667, officials say.

That would be the estimated total of pizza gone to waste. :(

They weren't the only victims of the Riddler - how the $h!t did it take us eight paragraphs to think of that!? - and his nefarious antics, either.

The 49-year-old also apparently made a number of harassing calls to the police department, city hall, and the Department of Health.

To complain about these same restaurants, naturally.

Riddle has previously been convicted of making harassing phone calls in the past, so this pattern of behavior is apparently his thing.

One which he's not very good at, clearly.

Bacon Wrapped Crust DEEP!DEEP! Dish

Police put out a flyer about Riddle and asked restaurants to contact investigators in case they had also been harassed, officials say.

"His purpose is to haggle either over the price of the food or the quality upon delivery," police said during their investigation into Riddle.

Riddle sometimes uses a false name; other times, no name at all. In any case, he ordered an a$$-ton of food that ultimately went to waste.

"Defendant shall refrain from calling any pizza establishment and/or making any calls or his bond shall be revoked," the affidavit states. 

Think he'll oblige by the rules set forth? 

Or will the Riddler Rise Again?!

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