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Oh, for the love of Melania! It’s like Bradley Cooper at the DNC all over again, goshdarnit!

Derick Dillard Man Bun Photo
Photo via Instagram

Yes, that’s Derick Dillard sporting a man bun, and no, the Duggar devoted are not fans of the look.

"Love you guys but I think Derick must lose his hairdo," one fan commented on the pic posted by Jill Duggar. 

Another added, "Derick looks like a different person with his hair cut. I strongly suggest he keep his hair groomed."

Some users questioned how Jill’s parents would feel about the ‘do, and others indicated that some of the ruder remarks have been removed.

Fortunately for the Der Bear, some of Jill’s followers are fans of the DiCapri-esque look:

"His hair looks much neater that way. Who cares if Jim bob and Michele approve?" wrote one user.

"I like his hair shut up people! God doesn’t judge based on hair style," wrote another.

Others were simply (and rightfully) shocked that there’s been such public outrage over the fact that a grown-ass man is rocking a top knot.

"Wow, I just glanced at some of the comments and oh my! Do I personally like his hair long or in a man bunch, No, but he’s not my husband or son so I don’t get a say in how he chooses to wear it," wrote one sensible human.

Fortunately, the world is at peace, the current presidential election is an amicable contest between two universally beloved candidates, there hasn’t been a mass shooting in like hours (Note: accuracy of comment depends on when you’re reading this article), so there’s really nothing else to do but obsess over Derick Dillard’s appearance.

The funny thing is, this isn’t even the bun’s first appearance:

That’s a video that the Dillards posted for Jim Bob’s recent birthday, and as you can see, Der is clearly sporting the now-infamous bun.

But for some reason, fans waited until now to take to the streets lighting trash cans on fire and overturning cop cars.

Of course, the most bizarre thing about this situation (and just about every damn part of it is bizarre) is that Jill posted the pic to inform fans that the Dillards are headed back to the US after a year of international missionary work.

We’re guessing she didn’t think fans would focus on her husband’s hairstyle.

Hopefully, the Dillards are on a plane with an in-flight barber, or they may be facing a hostile return.