Kylie Jenner: Does She Blame Kendall For Her Lack of Modeling Success?!

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As you're probably aware, Kylie Jenner is incredibly famous.

In fact, by some measures Kylie is more popular online than any of her mega-star sisters.

Kylie Jenner in a Robe

Obviously, she owes much of her renown to her sisters, but over the past year, Kylie has really struck out on her own.

First there were Kylie's lip kits, so popular that they sold out within minutes, and the demand crashed her company's website. 

Next came Kylie's eye shadow, another immediate moneymaker. 

It's undeniable that the girl has some serious business acumen (or at least knows how to take advice from those who do), and she's already experiencing success that would be unimaginable for most adults, let alone girls who are still in their teens.

And yet, it's often rumored that Kylie's number one dream remains unfulfilled.

Sources close to Kylie say she wants nothing more than to model, and she's growing increasingly frustrated as her sister Kendall continues to score the kind of reputable contracts that elude her.

Sure, Kylie has a deal with Puma and she frequently gets paid to pose with products on Instagram, but like the rest of her family, she's obsessed with the world of high fashion.

She wants to work with Karl Lagerfeld and other household name designers.

She wants a contract with Balmain.

And most of all, she wants the cover of Vogue.

Scoring the cover of Anna Wintour's fashion bible is considered the ultimate achievement in Kylie's world.

Kim and Kanye have done it.

Kim Kardashian Vogue Cover

Kendall has done it.

Kendall Jenner Vogue Cover Photo

Now Kylie wants the honor, and sources say she's pissed that it doesn't appear to be forthcoming.

“Ever since she had her lips done, Kylie feels like she is the hottest out of her family and was furious that Kendall and Kim both got their own Vogue covers,” a friend tells Star magazine.

“She thought for sure she was next and tells everyone that Gigi only got it because she’s such a pushy suck-up.”

Unfortunately, it seems Kylie's attitude and lack of modeling experience have held her back at every turn:

“It’s well known that Kylie is a nightmare on photoshoots,” says an industry insider.

“She never looks up from her phone and will stay in the dressing room for hours. And at the end of the day, she just can’t model – the only way she knows to pose for the camera is to do duck lips.”

See? Talent does matter to the Kardashians!

They care very deeply about possessing the talent to get paid ungodly amounts of money to stand around while someone takes your picture.

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