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Back in August of 2015, as his parents and siblings were still reeling from the public revelation that Josh Duggar had molested five young girls (four of whom were his sisters), another scandal involving the former Washington lobbyist began making tabloid headlines.

Josh Duggar, Wife

As Gawker reported at the time, Josh was revealed as a client of Ashley Madison after the infidelity-facilitating website was hacked and its list of aspiring cheaters made public. 

Josh isn’t exactly known for his intellect or discretion, but even he knew enough to avoid using his real name or photos on either of the two paid accounts that he used to find nearby sex partners.

As details of Josh’s Ashley Madison profiles emerged, several sad/funny tidbits emerged that painted a picture of Josh as a seriously deluded and deeply creepy human being.

Using the names Josh_the_Man and Ready4ThisDC (Duggar was living in D.C. with his wife and kids at the time.), Josh went catfishing with photos of a man named Matthew McCarthy:

Matthew McCarthy Photo

Obviously, the guy was none too pleased to find himself at the center of the second Duggar sex scandal, and now he’s taking action to distance himself from Josh and make the family pay.

According to TMZ, McCarthy is now suing Josh for unspecified damages.

McCarthy claims that not only has the incident hurt his standing in the close-knit Catholic community he belongs to, it’s all but decimated his career as a DJ.

McCarthy’s social networking pages and professional sites have reportedly been bombarded with messages calling him "DJ Duggar" and "Josh’s boy toy."

Obviously, Josh’s career isn’t what it used to be (He’s reportedly selling used cars near his family’s home in Tontitown, Arkansas.), but his family is still very well-off.

Sounds like having his pics stolen could be the best thing that ever happened to McCarthy.