Adam Lind: Getting Fired From Teen Mom 2 Over Beef With Producers, On-Set Tantrums?!

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Chelsea Houska baby daddy and all around no-goodnik Adam Lind made it clear on the Teen Mom 2 Season 7 reunion that he is unhappy.

With the MTV show, with how he is portrayed on it, everything.

Adam Lind on Steroids

Well, despite alleging in a bitter sit-down with Dr. Drew that he was done with Teen Mom 2, Lind is indeed back filming new episodes.

Those child support checks don't write themselves, after all.

That doesn't mean everything is going smoothly now, however. According to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, quite the opposite is true.

The South Dakota derelict was spotted around his hometown recently, being filmed by an MTV crew for the new season of the hit show.

Adam Lind attended daughter Aubree’s softball game, which was being filmed of course, and “was rude to the film crew and producers.”

Apparently, the producers were far from pleased.

"He attended that game with his fiance, Stasia and daughter Paislee, and basically the whole time just whined," The Ashley's source says.

Lind, who just got engaged to Stasia Huber, openly complains "that whatever he did on camera would be edited to make him look bad."

“The producer tried to assure Adam that wasn’t true, but he still caused quite the scene. Stasia was basically just standing there, silent.

"The whole time. She looked really uncomfortable.”

The Ashley also cites a second source, who backs up the first, and adds that this is technically being called Season 7B (rather than 8).

Contracts were not renegotiated, so it's possible (though not confirmed) that Lind simply could not stop filming yet even if he desired.

In any case, the powers that be are not happy with Adam’s tantrums, as they are paying him very, very well to appear on the franchise.

There is even talk of withholding payment from the father of two if he keeps pulling this kind of crap and doesn't cooperate during filming.

“If he is not doing the job they are paying him to do, why should he keep getting paid? That’s their feelings on it,” Ash's source dished.

Again, he may have no choice but to shut his yap.

A judge recently upped the amount he owes Paislee's mom, Taylor Halbur, in child support, so what's he going to do, get a real job?

Enough said.

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