Lea Michele: Nude for Women's Health!

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Lea Michele is giving fans around the world a major reason to sing a very gleeful song this week.

Specifically male fans, we should say.

Lea Michele at 2016 Teen Choice Awards

Why? Because the actress isn't just featured on the latest cover of Women's Health.

She's featured on the latest cover of Women's Health while wearing nothing but her birthday suit.

For real. For serious. Michelle is 100%, totally and completely naked for the U.K. version of this publication.

While celebrity gossip websites may sometimes say that as an exaggeration, referring to someone as "nude" even when they are covering most of her body with a sheet or something, that is not the case here.

Nope. See the uncensored photo for yourself by clicking below.

Lea Michelle is very much naked, people!

Lea Michele Nude

And while many readers out there may be pouring over every inch of the gorgeous star's body for sexual reasons, they may be surprisingly touched by something they find there.

Is that a tattoo near her rear end? And does it sat "Finn?"

Yes and yes.

Finn, of course, is the name of the character Michele's late boyfriend, Cory Monteith, played on the hit show on which the stars met, Glee.

Michele has gotten a number tattoos as a tribute to her former love, including his jersey number-five and their last words to each other:

"I love you more. If you say so..."

Michele still thinks about Monteith often, of course, but she's come a long way from her darkest days.

"Right now, I feel physically in my best shape, and emotionally in my best place...I'm not perfect," she tells the magazine, adding:

"I'm not trying to represent myself as being some perfect girl, but I love myself, flaws and all."

This is a great attitude for Michele to possess, but she still have some very tough times.

"I have down days. I accept those days as much as the happy ones," she admits.

How does she move past the doldrums?

Michele says she makes "some macaroni cheese, calls my mom, pours a glass of red wine and watches some reality television. There's nothing that can't fix."

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