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Is he trying to tell us something?

Rob Kardashian Toothpick Photo
(Instagram/Rob Kardashian)

Today, the internet realized that Rob Kardashian deleted all photos from his Instagram account except for one, which features the sock designer looking away from the camera with a tooth pick in his mouth.

This move has followers wondering if he and Blac Chyna have called off their engagement.  

Kardashian did the same thing back in March, and around the same time, Chyna posted (and later deleted) this caption on her own account:

"When you just get out of a relationship & your hoe friend welcomes you back into the World of Hoe."

At the time, a source confirmed to People Magazine that the couple had broken up after less than two months of dating.

"They had a fight and both need some space," the source explained.

"They have had a great few weeks, but things got too serious too fast. They were spending a lot of time together and not giving each other enough space."

A few days later, Kardashian shared a message with fans explaining his motive behind a clean slate.

"Chy and I are not broken up we just feel like it would be a lot healthier for our relationship if we kept a lot more to ourselves," he wrote.

"It’s impossible to have a positive relationship with so much negativity from the media and outsiders and we would appreciate it if everyone respects that –ChyRo."

This most recent move could be for the couple’s new reality show, Rob & Chyna.  Whether it’s a story line or a publicity stunt to draw interest is anyone’s guess.

If this is motivated by a break-up, both fans and certain members of Kardashian’s family could be tempted to say "I told you so."  After all, a baby and an engagement in less than six months is a little insane.

Khloe Kardashian, in particular, is still coming around to the fact that her brother is marrying a woman he’s kept from the family since they started dating.

Are Rob and Chyna broken up?  Do they want more privacy?  Or is this one big publicity stunt?