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It’s been over a month since we first learned that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are dating, but some members of Rob’s family still haven’t gotten used to the idea of the former recluse hooking up with the longtime Kard clan rival.

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Specifically, Khloe Kardashian is said to be beyond pissed about what the sketchy relationship.

“[Khloe] feels so betrayed by Rob, because he’s told her to back off since moving in with Blac,” a source close to the situation tells Radar Online.

But while Rob is the one who basically admitted that he screwed over his family in order to get laid, it seems he’s not the one that Khloe blames for the unusual situation.

Sources say Khloe thinks Blac is using and manipulating her brother, and the ladies recently got into a screaming match when Khloe tried to call Rob and talk some sense into him.

“Blac’s a trouble-making gold-digger and Khloe doesn’t want her near Rob,” the insider says. “The last phone call she had with him, Blac snatched the phone away and gave Khloe a piece of her mind.

“She doesn’t like this relationship one bit, knowing just how much he wears his heart on his sleeve.”

No surprise there. Khloe famously kicked Rob and Blac out of her house shortly after the relationship began, thus forcing the troubled 28-year-old to move out of her guest bedroom and into his own place.

What is somewhat surprising, however, is the intensity of Blac’s negative feelings toward Khloe:

“Blac thinks Khloe and the family bully Rob, and now he’s even more in love with her than before because she stuck up for him," says the insider.

Something tells us this situation won’t do much to improve Rob’s volatile emotional state.