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We may have finally reached Peak Pokémon GO.

At least we sincerely hope so.

news conference

Earlier this week, a reporter was at the State Department getting an update on ISIS, the terrorist organization that has murdered countless innocent individuals around the world.

But this journalist thought there was something more important to focus on than whatever ISIS is up to these days.

And that something was… Pokémon GO.

Because of course it was.

The reporter, who has  not been identified, was caught by State Department spokesperson John Kirby.

While discussing real terrorists, Kirby noticed the reporter and asked…

News GIF

After Kirby was finished with the briefing, he had to get one last jab in as well.

Because how could he not, right?

Conference GIF

Was this the worst example yet of someone playing Pokemon Go at the wrong time?

It’s hard to even say.

There was the guy who got himself arrested because he was playing the game outside a police station.

And there were the people who were playing the game at a former Nazi concentration camp.

There was also the woman who questioned her entire life as a result of playing the game.

And, finally, there are these people below.

We hate to say it, but it’s almost as if ISIS has already won.