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Pokemon GO is making it impossible to live a normal life.

Just ask the weatherman in the following video, who was just trying to do his job recently when…

… yup, you guessed it: a colleague wandered through his live news report.

Weather Report Gets Interrupted by Pokemon Go Players

And also ask the young woman in the following video.

She starts out the self-filmed footage by explaining that she was initially really angry over Pokemon GO.


Because the app, which forces players to go into the real world in order to track down Pokemon (who appears to them on their phone screens at various locations), was causing upheaval at her workplace.

It’s unclear just where this woman works (Walmart?), but she makes it VERY clear in this video that there have been a number of disturbances there as a result of Pokemon GO.

We can only imagine.

It’s hard to do one’s job when random people keep walking all around you, trying to find confusing, animated creatures.

At first she attempted to resist the hype, but later decided to download the game to see what the fuss is about.

And then it was all over. Then she was screwed.

Then she was hooked on Pokemon GO herself, jetting from place to place in order to come out on top and wondering how she ended up there.

"I thought if I downloaded the game I could catch all the Pokemons in my work and people would stop coming to catch them," she says, "But that’s not how it works."

And now?

Well… now she finds herself obsessing over the game at all times, traveling from spot to spot in her quest to be the very, very best.

"This is just not where I saw myself at 27 years old," she confesses toward the end of the video.

We feel her pain. But we also want her to know the following:

It’s never too late to change.