9 Idiots Who Got Injured Playing Pokemon Go

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Things are bad.  People are walking around, only paying attention to an animated character on their Smartphone.

Look up, fools!

It's gotten to the point where local police departments have had to issues public safety issues warning of the dangers of wandering around in a zombie-like state.

Who are the small sampling of players who injured themselves during a rousing game of Pokemon Go?  Scroll down to find out.

1. Subway Hero

Subway Hero
"He mentioned something about #Charizard and #Pokemon and then he's under the train. This is the world we live in right now."

2. Skateboarding To The ER

Skateboarding To The ER
Mike Schultz from Long Island fell off his skateboard while playing, and cut his hand on the sidewalk. " I just wanted to be able to stop quickly if there were any Pokemons nearby to catch,” he said, according to the Associated Press.


“Not even 30 minutes after the release last night, I slipped and fell down a ditch,” one Reddit user said in a thread. “Fractured the fifth metatarsal bone in my foot, 6-8 weeks for recovery. I told all the doctors I was walking my dog lol... Watch where you're going, folks!”

4. Right Into The Water

Pokemon GO is a danger to society. Just look at what happened to this moron who was playing the game.

5. Driver Crashes Car Into Tree

Driver Crashes Car Into Tree
The Auburn, NY driver, thankfully, suffered only minor injuries and admitted to playing Pokemon Go while behind the wheel.

6. Girls Trips Over a Cinder Block

Girls Trips Over a Cinder Block
"Less than one day of having #PokemonGo and I already injured myself by tripping over a cinder block." - @cupcakelindsay

7. Ya Burnt (Literally)

Ya Burnt (Literally)
"Spent so long playing #pokemongo this weekend my skin is blistered due to sunburn." - @nyst_glamz

8. In You Go

In You Go
"Fell in the creek trying to catch a Pinsir so now I'm#PokemonGO(ing home)." - @kwoffert

9. Totally (Not) Worth It

Totally (Not) Worth It
"Since Pokemon go came out, I've walked 14 miles, caught 46 types of pokemon, got a rash on my thighs, and got a terrible sunburn." - @drakejdixon

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