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It’s beginning to look like Taylor Swift’s hell week has been extended.

At this point, it seems as though we may one day look back on the summer of 2016 as the season in which the world’s most successful female recording artist just couldn’t catch a break. 

Taylor Swift in LA
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First, there was the speculation that Swift’s relationship with Tom Hiddleston is fake.

Then the singer got slammed by Calvin Harris in a scathing Twitter rant that made it clear their recent breakup wasn’t as amicable as it initially seemed. 

Shortly thereafter, Kim Kardashian Snapchatted what she claimed was proof that Taylor lied about being blindsided by derogatory Kanye West lyrics, and with that, the "Taylor Swift Is Over Party" was in full swing:

Of course, Swift still has her loyal "#Squad" to support her through all of this, right?

Well, maybe not so much…

Reports of problems within Taylor’s squad have been circulating for days now, and In Touch just offered up a hilarious (whether it’s true or not) batch of new rumors.

“Taylor’s image as America’s Sweetheart Pop Princess has taken a great fall," says one insider.

"She’s been exposed as manipulative. I don’t think it can get any worse for Taylor.”

The source adds that Kendall Jenner was recently kicked out of the squad due to her Kimye ties and that Selena Gomez is not the Squad loyalist she’s been made out to be.

"[Selena] recently found out some pretty horrible stuff Taylor has said about her, including about her weight and choice of boyfriends. Now some of the girls have started revealing what they’ve been hiding about Taylor," says the source.

“Some of the girls call her Ursula, after The Little Mermaid’s manipulative sea witch, because she’s so controlling,” claims another insider.

She adds that Taylor is the type of girl “who will see a fiend have three drinks and tattle to her boyfriend that she’s an alcoholic.”

The source claims the events of the last week constitute Taylor’s worst nightmare, but the singer is unsure of how to handle it, as no one has ever challenged her like this before:

“Taylor’s public persona is everything to her … She’s overwhelmed with the amount of bad press and feels the pressure, but she still hasn’t apologized to anything – she thinks she’s perfect. But it’s all coming back to bite her.”