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Come on, guys.  

The new Pokemon Go game may be great at getting people to enjoy the great outdoors, but it also makes them act like total idiots.

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According to New York Magazine, someone reported "a presence" of the mobile app in Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland.

Fearing that the grounds would be a new PokeStop, a spokesperson for the Auschwitz Memorial had to issue a statement asking everyone not to take part.

The presence of the game at the former camp was ‘absolutely inappropriate," the statement read.

“Allowing such games to be active on the site of Auschwitz Memorial is disrespectful to the memory of the victims of the German Nazi concentration and extermination camp on many levels."

The organizers had asked the app’s creators to "not to allow the site of Auschwitz Memorial and other similar sites to be included in the game."

It gets even better.

Another player claimed that there was a PokeStop at the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C.


Andy Hollinger, director of communications at the museum, stated that he and his team are "attempting to have the museum removed from the game.

"Technology can be an important learning tool, but this game falls far outside of our educational and memorial mission." 

Wait, it gets worse.

The character found in the museum "excretes noxious gas," which is…no.

The game, already available in Australia and the US, will soon be released in Europe.  

Considering that, many memorial organizations are already in touch with the app creators in order to avoid such shiteous things from happening go forward.

“After we were made aware that a number of historical markers on the grounds of former concentration camps in Germany had been added, we determined that they did not meet the spirit of our guidelines and began the process of removing them in Germany and elsewhere in Europe," the company said in a statement.

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