Nathan Griffith: Did Jenelle Evans' Ex Get DUMPED By Jessica Henry?

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If you follow the many ups and downs of Jenelle Evans' world, then you may be familiar with Jessica Henry.

Nathan Griffith and His Girlfriend, Jessica Henry

Henry had the misfortune of dating Nathan Griffith immediately after he broke up with Jenelle.

As a result she was sucked right into the whirling vortex that is the Carolina Hurricane's personal life.

Jenelle was arrested for assault after she threw a Mason jar at Henry's head in what may have been the redneck-iest crime ever committed by a Teen Mom castmember.

(Which is really saying something.)

The matter was settled out of court, but the bad blood between Jenelle and Jessica persisted.

Teen Mom 2 fans may recall the scene from Season 7 in which Jenelle is less than thrilled to learn that Jessica gave her son Kaiser his first haircut:

Jenelle and Jessica's lives became intertwined a third time earlier this year when Evans told the judge in her custody case that she believed Griffith and Henry were using steroids.

Considering Jenelle is permanently tethered to Nathan by the fact that they share custody of Kaiser, we imagine she was more than a little pleased to hear that Jessica kicked Nathan to the curb at some point in the past week. 

"Nathan and Jessica broke up," a source close to the former couple tells Radar Online.

The insider adds that Jessica was the one who ended the relationship, and Nathan appears to have already moved on with someone new.

In addition to the fact that Jenelle pretty much openly despises both Nathan and Jessica, she has reason to be happy about the breakup, as Jessica has a no-contact order against her.

In the past, this complicated custody exchanges and even the taping of the most recent Teen Mom 2 reunion show in New York City.

"Producers have been speaking to Nathan about the Jessica going on the trip and they don't want it to interfere with Jenelle's no-contact order," a source told Radar at the time.

"If Jessica goes to NYC, Jenelle can't be in the same area as her. She can be arrested for being in the same area as Jessica."

So for once there was some drama that actually simplified Jenelle's life.

That might actually be a first.

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