Leonardo DiCaprio & Nina Agdal: Officially Dating?!

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Last week, we reported that Leonardo DiCaprio is banging Nina Agdal.

Leonardo DiCaprio: Full Body Photo at the 2106 Oscars
Nina Agdal Photo

Now, saying that Leo is sleeping with a blonde supermodel is a bit like informing you that bears prefer to defecate in heavily-forested areas, or that Pope Francis is an adherent of one particular branch of Christianity.

But it's beginning to look like Nina is no Ela Kawalec.

Nor is she just another Roxy Horner.

And she's certainly not the six women DiCaprio banged in one night during this year's Cannes festival.

No, Nina is something special.

And not only because she's infinitely more famous than any of those other women.

You see, insiders are beginning to report that Leo and Nina are not just sleeping together, but actually dating.

The sources (who probably felt very much like they had just spotted Bigfoot piloting a UFO) reported the news to Us Weekly yesterday.

Granted, it's a tabloid, so you've gotta take this report with a grain of salt.

Still, even the Enquirer at the peak of its "Elvis and the Bat Boy: Secret Love Affair EXPOSED!" nonsense wouldn't report on a story this car-azy without something to back it up.

So maybe now that he's reached such career milestones as winning an Oscar and getting molested by a bear on screen, Leo really is ready to become a one-woman man.

Or maybe Nina is just super on board with threesomes.

Either way, there's reason to believe Vape God is blowing rings for just one special lady these days.

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