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Now that Leonardo DiCaprio has won an Oscar, the only jokes left to make about the Most Interesting Man in Hollywood involve the beer commercial-worthy awesomeness of his life and his endless appetite for blonde models.

Leonardo DiCaprio at the 2016 Oscars

To say Leo has had sex with a lot of golden-haired cat-walkers would be like saying Charlie Sheen has been known to dabble in narcotics.

Is there any truth to the rumor that DiCaprio banged six models in one night at this year’s Cannes festival?

We don’t know for sure, but we’d be more surprised to find out DiCap has never smashed a half-dozen Victoria’s Secret Angels in a 24-hour period.

Whatever the case, the King of the World is showing no signs of slowing down with age.

Sources say he’s been on and off with model Roxy Horner for the past few months (a name like that is basically a prophecy that she’d one day bang Leo), but that hasn’t stopped him from making her photoshoots awkward by continuing to sleep with every single one of her co-workers.

Last month, DiCaprio banged Ela Kawalec – an up-and-comer who only had 1,000 Instagram followers when we first found out about her. 

She’s now up to 16,000, which is proof that Leo’s dong can do magical things.

But the guy can’t be expected to go around performing acts of sexual charity.

Sometimes he needs to hook up with, well … with the Leonardo DiCaprio of the modeling world.

Enter Nina Agdal, who, if you’re not familiar, looks like this:

Nina Agdal Photo

You might remember her from the Entourage movie, or from your nightmares of regret at having sat through the Entourage movie.

Leo remembers her from handing her underwear with one hand and ordering an Uber with the other.

Just kidding! In fact, it seems these two might actually be serious.

They had a fling in 2014, and now it looks like they’ve rekindled their romance.

According to Page Six, Leo and Nina were recently spotted grabbing bagels together in the Hamptons.

Yes, the Hamptons. It’s like they’re re-enacting The Great Gatsby, and Nina is Leo’s real-life Daisy Buchanan.

In all likelihood they’re already planning to run away together.

Or he’s two days away from giving her a look like she’s a month-old carton of milk that he just discovered in the back of the fridge.

Only time will tell!