Leonardo DiCaprio: Did He Bet He Could Bang 6 Models in One Night?!

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This might come as a complete shock and cause you to question everything you thought you knew about the guy, but Leonardo DiCaprio has a reputation as a bit of a ladies man.

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And by that we mean Leo goes through models the way most of us change socks.

After his breakup with Kelly Rohrbach last year, Leo immediately moved on to another blonde model named Roxy Horner.

That lasted the requisite three weeks, and then DiCaprio banged Chelsy Weimar for a while.

You may want to sit down for this:

Chelsy is a model with hair of flaxen gold.

From there, the recent Oscar winner decided to change things up by dating Ela Kalawec, a second shift cashier at a Wal-Mart Supercenter in Peoria, Illinois.

Just kidding, she's a model.

So does it get boring having sex with an endless parade of young cat-walkers?

Almost certainly not. But Leo reportedly decided to spice things up recently nonetheless.

According to the most recent issue of The National Enquirer, DiCaprio bet longtime friend Tobey Maguire that he could have sex with six Victoria's Secret models in a single night.

It sounds like the plot of a bad '80s sex comedy, but several insiders swear that Leo accepted the challenge.

And of course, he was successful.

“He sleeps during the day typically and parties all night,” says one insider.

“He figures the girls will be up for twosomes and threesomes to make his goal more practical. It is the talk of Cannes, as everyone knows what he’s up to!

"Like many famous men before him, Leo seems to have an addiction to more is better.”

That last part sounds like badly-translated French, but you get the idea.

Leo's the man in any tongue. 

We're pretty sure in American Sign Language, "DiCaprio" is translated as a vigorous thrusting of the hips.

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