Kailyn Lowry: Throwing Shade at Jenelle Evans on Twitter?!

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Last night, MTV aired a special episode of Teen Mom 2 that focused on the life of Jenelle's hot-tempered mother, Barbara.

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Babs bad-mouthed Jenelle, as just about everyone but Jenelle expected her to, and for the most part, social media applauded the elder Evans for her candor.

We imagine Jenelle was more than a bit surprised to learn that at least one of her co-stars appears to be staunchly Team Babs.

During the special Kailyn retweeted the following post from a fan:

"Barb is right! Kail had no family and still did what she had to do for her boy! Janelle don't want him back for real! #teenmom2"

Now, re-tweet shade is subtle, but it's shade nonetheless.

The fan was complimenting Kailyn's parenting, but she was also very clearly dissing Jenelle.

...And it's not like Jenelle is known for her level-headed responses to perceived insults.

We're guessing Kailyn knew exactly what she was doing when she hit that retweet button, and based on the fact that it's still on her page, we're guessing she really doesn't care.

Remarkably, Jenelle has yet to fire back at Kailyn.

Maybe she's just decided to let this one slide.

Or maybe she's too busy slamming Teen Mom 2 editors, her mom, her sister, and just about everyone else in her life, as she's been doing for the past 24 hours. 

Knowing how much Jenelle loves a feud, however, we're guessing she won't be going much longer without addressing Kailyn's retweet.

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