Jenelle Evans: Bad-Mouthed By Babs On Teen Mom Special!

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No one really expects their own mother to go on national TV to speak about their terrible offspring.

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Even Jenelle Evans could be forgiven for hoping her mom's Teen Mom special, Being Barbara would include a few nice mentions.


“Never promoting for another show unless I’ve saw the episode first,” Evans wrote in now-deleted tweeted grabbed by Radar Online.

"@MTV makes me look so f**king stupid all time.”

This isn't the first time Evans has accused the network of making her look stupid (her words, not mine).

“Honestly haven’t saw the #BeingBarbara special but to promote a show that mainly talked s**t about me with my own blood? Wow. Disappointed.”


The special focused on Barbara and her dealings with the 24-year-old.  Namely, the boyfriends, the children and the shitty attitude.

"She’s got another new controlling boyfriend, who I think out of all of them is really the worst of the worst,” Babs told a producer.

Babs has custody of Jenelle's oldest son, Jace, and doesn't plan on giving that up any time soon.

“I have to do what’s best for Jace,” Evans explained.

“Do you think I really wanted to give up my senior years taking care of this child? I may be in my 60s, but I still know how to have fun.”

I'm not sure how we jumped from taking care of her grandson to how well she can party, but here we are.

One scene then aired a fight Babs and Jenelle had over the photo.

Jenelle claimed she was ready to take over full custody of her son, and the fact that Babs refused to give it up made "no sense" to her.

Well, Babs reasoned.  Maybe dump those "a**hole boyfriends" and your luck will improve.

Babs might be a mouthy broad, but she is doing what's best for Jenelle's son while she throws mason jars at people.

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