Jenelle Evans Slams MTV For Glaring Teen Mom Error!

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The tensions are running as high as ever on the Teen Mom 2 stars' social media pages, but these days, but not for reason this used to happen.

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Instead of directing their anger at their baby daddies or at one another, the girls are going off on the producers of the show that made them famous.

It all started with Leah Messer blasting the show's editors for the way she's being portrayed, and now the Carolina Hurricane herself, Jenelle Evans, is offering her two cents on the issue:

As usual, Jenelle tweeted throughout the first airing of Teen Mom 2 Season 7 Episode 2.

Things started off in the usual fashion, with Jenelle tweeting about the difficulty of reliving a painful moment in her life:

“After my exhausting day, media blowing up, and reliving my son being kidnapped from me and taken out of state is hard to watch #TeenMom2.”

From there, however, the tweets took a bizarre turn, as Jenelle griped about a perceived continuity error and reminded fans of the scripted nature of the series:

"I don't understand why #MTV had me do a voice over saying I haven't let Nathan see Kai but then shows me calling him to see Kai? #TeenMom2"

We can understand that it would be hard to stay silent during an episode in which the words that were put into your mouth don't match the actions on screen.

Still, if Jenelle finds the show so difficult so frustrating, she may want to take a page from Leah Messer's book and just stop watching altogether.

If these girls keep venting on social media, they're gonna talk themselves right out of the best job any of them will ever have.

Just saying. Biting the hand that feeds you and all that.

Do you agree? Or are the girls justified in venting? In any case, watch Teen Mom 2 online to try and spot your own editing mistakes!

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