LeAnn Rimes: It's Not Easy Being a Homewrecker!

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Just when we were really beginning to believe that Leann Rimes and Brandi Glanville were ready to make peace, Mrs. Rimes-Cibrian goes out of her way to throw seven kinds of shade across multiple media platforms.

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First there were the competing butt selfies, which felt like something from a remake of Single White Female where the villain is just as obsessed with herself as she is with the hero.

Now, after a few weeks of keeping relatively quiet (by her standards) LeAnn has an album to promote, which means she's back to drumming up drama by telling her sob story and letting the world know how hard it is to be LeAnn.

In a recent interview with the Chicago Tribune, LeAnn was asked about life as a stepmom and her mildly controversial decision to sing about her stepkids in her new songs.

LeAnn whiffed at the softball question and babbled on about how much she likes to "rile people up."

"I think I'm realizing I've always been able to move people, just getting people to talk. I'm talking about a subject that doesn't get written about," she said.

"I know society these days, I know people are wanting to find everything they can to pick things apart, but I have to write from my heart and my experiences, and I fully own them. Those are mine to share."

The theme of the piece (chosen by LeAnn's PR team, no doubt) was that LeAnn is no longer a "magnet for scandals," so naturally she decided to talk about her affair with Eddie Cibrian ... aka the most scandalous part of her "career."

"I'm not the only one who's ever been through that situation," Rimes said, as though she's some sort of war hero.

"I don't know if a lot of people in that situation have the guts to even talk about it. I don't know if I would've had the guts to fully embrace all of that if I hadn't gone through it as publicly as I did.

"Sometimes you've gotta say, 'Screw it.' You've gotta own it."

We were almost with her, until she started giving herself props for "owning" her extramarital affair.

In any event, it sounds like a really personal album - ya know, despite the fact that LeAnn stole the title track from another artist and has yet to acknowledge it.

We're sure on her next record she'll have a song about how hard it is to be a plagiarist.

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