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THG WARNING: This, like many other articles on the subject, contains The Bachelorette spoilers pertaining to who wins this season. 

JoJo and Jordan Rodgers
Photo via ABC

Since the onset of the ABC summer guilty pleasure, fans – buoyed by a deluge of tabloid speculation – have been wondering the following:

Is JoJo Fletcher’s frontrunner on The Bachelorette, Jordan Rodgers, just using the brunette beauty to shamelessly boost his career?

That may seem more or less like a regurgitation of the same question asked every year of some contestant to stir up drama: 

Is he/she there on The Bachelor(ette) for the right reasons?!

Except, in Jordan Rogers’ specific, suspicious case:

1. He’s been put on BLAST by Brittany Farrar, his former girlfriend, for cheating on her prior to appearing on the hit show;

2. His own big brother possibly kind of hates him;

3. Everyone else in the house is calling him out;

4. He actually did get a job in broadcasting!

We’re nearly on the cusp of learning who JoJo Fletcher will pick with her final rose this season, and Jordan seems like a heavy favorite.

Despite, or perhaps because of this reason, many of the other guys have openly questioned Rodgers and his motives for doing the show.

It’s not just a small, vocal group of skeptics.

The general consensus among suitors, fans and, well, Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers is that the former NFL backup is sort of shady.

Rodgers insisting he is single has done little to dissuade haters who believe he joined the show to stay in the spotlight and be famous.

Having failed to gain traction in the NFL like superstar brother Aaron, he’s turned his attention to TV – sports broadcasting in particular.

Now, in a turn of events that supports this theory …

JoJo Fletcher CONFRONTS Jordan Rodgers About Cheating Rumors: WATCH

The SEC Network, which covers the NCAA powerhouse Southeastern Conference is owned by ESPN, announced it has hired Jordan.

The details of his new gig have not been disclosed, but the book on Rodgers is that he went on The Bachelorette for just this reason.

Or to be The Bachelor … unless he won this thing.

In any case, many eyeballs rolled at this news.

His former Bachelorette competitor and nemesis Chad Johnson took to Twitter to share exactly how he assesses the current situation.

Chad, who hilariously threatened to find Rodgers after the show, said, it looks like he "got exactly what he hoped to get" out of joining.

Pretty awesome what a troll that guy is.

Assuming that JoJo does bequeath her final rose upon Jordan Rodgers, is there any chance it lasts beyond the end of this calendar year?

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