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While The Bachelorette spoilers tease that we’re going to be seeing plenty of Jordan Rodgers this season, you know who doesn’t see him much?

Aaron Rodgers!

JORDAN on The Bachelorette

A former college and NFL quarterback, Jordan Rodgers has been the talk of The Bachelorette since the season began … or even prior to that.

The fact that he was cast on the show leaked before filming began – even JoJo Fletcher knew Jordan was one of her potential suitors.

With a brother as famous as Green Bay Packers star and Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers, it’s no surprise that he’s a big part of the story.

Not a moment goes by when Jordan doesn’t make mention of his sibling or his ties to the NFL, but the ironic part of this entire thing?

Behind the scenes, sources say that Aaron and Jordan Rodgers aren’t close – not even on speaking terms, depending on who you ask.

Even more interesting is the fact that the family feud involves, on some level, Aaron Rodgers’ famous actress girlfriend Olivia Munn.

Brittany Farrar Blasts Jordan Rodgers

It’s not clear what exactly started the Rodgers’ beef, or how bad it is, but Jordan’s ex-girlfriend Brittany Farrar is tight with Olivia and Aaron.

Farrar blasted Jordan online (above) for being a cheater after The Bachelorette premiere, and Olivia liked her Instagram photo. Pretty amazing.

While Aaron’s NFL success and Jordan’s lack thereof would be reason enough for tension between them, this runs deeper than that.

We can’t imagine Aaron and Olivia (or Brittany) take kindly to Jordan Rodgers tossing his bro’s name around to JoJo Fletcher, either.

What is the true nature of the Rodgers’ relationship? Is he a cheater, or misunderstood? Is he in this for love, or using JoJo for fame?

He spoke about his brother’s relationship with him more recently on the Garbage Time podcast (above), but was evasive to a degree.

Jordan said his relationship with Aaron is complicated, and hinted that he has no idea if his bro watches the ABC reality show or not.

Fascinating, really.

There’s clearly more going on between them than we’ll probably ever know – and Jordan is doing remarkably little to help his own cause.

It will all be very interesting to watch play out on camera and behind the scenes as the season progresses – and the dust settles after that.

All we have to say is that between this guy, Robby Hayes and Chad Johnson, JoJo sure has her pick of interesting (shady) characters.

Who will she pick?!

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