Jenelle Evans Fires Manager, Goes OFF in Epic Twitter Rant!

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Jenelle Evans isn't exactly known for her level-headed demeanor.

Even so, every time she spews her blind rage all over Twitter, we're amazed by just how wild the Carolina Hurricane's temper really is.

PB & Jenelley

For once, Jenelle isn't attacking MTV and the producers of Teen Mom 2 directlybut she's still biting the hand that feeds her.

In declaring a Twitter beef on someone who's important to her business interests, Evans looks to be burning bridges once more.

Manager Johnny Donovan shared the news that he is no longer working with the 24-year-old on social media yesterday.

Naturally, Jenelle is handling the end of their business relationship in the calm, reasonable fashion we've come to expect.

Just kidding, she lost her s--t, went completely bonkers on Twitter and tore Donovan apart in a series of scathing tweets!

"I dropped u ... u didn't drop me," Evans tweeted at Donovan.

"Get it right lmao you're a groupie," she added.

"think u know what u r doing but u don't."

If you thought the crazy would stop there, well, then you don't know Ms. Evans and her penchant for rage in 140 characters of less.

Seriously. Jenelle Evans has no Chill setting.

"Or what about cat calling celebs in public?!" she asked.

"What about using my IG solely for all your hookups?"

"Steal money from me and I'll [scissor Emoji] u off and never speak a word to you again. You're in the wrong so you're not the victim!"

"Stop acting like it!"

Obviously, Jenelle Evans Twitter rants are nothing new at this point, but she sounds particularly angry in this one.

She also makes some pretty valid points about why Donovan was a terrible manager - assuming she's telling the truth.

That's always a big "if" when it comes to Jenelle, of course. Girl lies like it's her job. Almost as much as Farrah Abraham.

Anyway, watch Teen Mom 2 online to remind yourself just how shaky her relationship with the truth can be, then comment below:

Do you believe anything she's saying about her manager? Or anything else? Should she take anger management classes?

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