Jenelle Evans: MTV Makes Me Look Like a Terrible Mother!

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Jenelle Evans is not impressed with the editing on Teen Mom 2 this year and made it known to her followers on Twitter. 

If you've been watching Teen Mom 2 online, you'll know that Jenelle has been a big talking point and that's due to the way she's being portrayed. 

Jenelle Evans Making Silver and Orange Work!

In a recent clip for a new episode of the MTV smash hit, Jenelle ditches her son for Spring Break.

That's obviously something that's been caught on camera, so there must be at least a little validity to that one. 

Jenelle went on a huge rant on Twitter last night about the way she's being portrayed on the show through the "manipulative editing."

"I'm pretty convinced @MTV constantly wants to make me look like most horrible mother ever. Doesn't show a damn positive thing for my story," she started things off. 

MTV's reality staples have a track record of stars saying that some of the content is manipulated for the cameras, so we should have expected this. 

Remember the stars of The Hills? All the way through filming, they maintained that everything was real... but then the cameras stopped rolling and we learned the truth. 

Moreover, if Jenelle really is this saint that she wants viewers to believe, why does she keep signing back on for the show if she's being portrayed in a bad light?

It kind of makes you think that we're not getting the full story from her. 

There's no denying that she's had a busy week: Jenelle and Nathan Griffith reached a custody agreement earlier this week.

It may have taken a long time, but that chapter is finally done for her. 

Now, she's giving the producers of MTV her full wrath, as she wants the negatives to be a small part of the show. 

She even went as far as to blame the director for not liking her and that's why she's being made to look bad on camera. 

"And this season and this upcoming ones were suppose to be really nice and smooth towards the end but of course if @MTV hires a director that judges you, hates you, and wants to make you look out to be bad... They will do it. They hold all power in the edit room," the star continued. 

You can probably expect a tweet from MTV, or the director right back at her at some point today.

The argument will probably also be featured in an upcoming episode. 

Just kidding.

MTV rarely reply to these claims publicly.

Maybe Jenelle will get a slap on the wrist when they sit down in the writers room as the crew start preparing for Teen Mom 2 Season 8!

She ended her argument with a pretty cryptic tweet. 

"I should start my own show where you guys see no negativity but just positive vibes #NextProject#YouTubeSeries #GoPro."

Could this mean she's FINALLY saying goodbye to the show that got her in the headlines?

And what should she call this Jenelle Evans spinoff? Weigh in now!

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