Iggy Azalea & French Montana: Dating?!

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Iggy Azalea and Khloe Kardashian have a lot in common:

Iggy Azalea Being Conservative
Khloe Kardashian Attends KYBELLA Event

Giant, possibly surgically-enhanced backsides; fame and careers that are baffling to just about anyone over the age of 30; and now, seems, similar taste in men.

We knew they both had a fondness for NBA players, but now it looks as though their similar affinities run even deeper than we realized, as they both have a thing for the French.

By which we mean French Montana, of course.

E! News is reporting that Iggy and French (or "Friggy," as we like to call them) were spotted getting "cozy" at a club in Vegas Saturday night.

Sources say the possible couple spent much of the evening dancing together and then left together at the end of the night.

Iggy, of course, recently broke up with Nick Young after learning that her Lakers guard fiance was basically sexing the entire population of the greater Los Angeles area behind her back.

After she dismissed one cheating scandal, Azalea learned that Young had gotten his ex pregnant while she was out of town on tour.

That's the kind of thing that'll mess up any engagement.

Like Iggy, French is a rapper, but he's best known in celebrity gossip circles for his relationship with Khloe.

Though things obviously didn't work out between them, Khloe and French's breakup was surprisingly amicable, and the two of them are reportedly still on good terms.

So maybe Iggy found herself a keeper this time.

Of course, we imagine she'll have some lingering trust issues to work out after the way things played out with Nick.

That dude did her seriously dirty.

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