Kylie Jenner Cakes On Makeup, Looks Middle-Aged

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The girl isn't even 19, and she could easily pass for 40.

Kylie Jenner Red Lips Makeup Chair Pic

Not because of wrinkles, but because she wears so much damn makeup.

Kylie Jenner either wants to be transformed back to the '80s so she can don mink coats and apply four to five layers of heavy Revlon foundation, or she believes all the world is her stage (or probably both).

Fishwrapper first noticed Jenner's jump from teen makeup entrepreneur to Joan Collins look-alike, wondering why in God's name anyone would want to press the fast-forward button.

Retain your youth, Kylie! 

Over the weekend, Jenner and on-again boyfriend, Tyga brought his three-year-old son, King Cairo to Magic Mountain, a theme park just north of Los Angeles.  

She also got in some pool time with model Hailey Baldwin.

It was recently revealed that Jenner works with Ukraine-born photographer Sasha Samsonova for her "impromptu" photoshoots.

"She reached out to me about a year ago," Samsonova told People.

"She found me — she wanted to do a shoot and obviously I really wanted to do a shoot with her. We got together and we did a shoot that came out on her birthday last year. The one with all the colorful wigs. That’s what we did. That was so much fun.

"It was really, really great working together so we just continued doing that.”

Jenner reached out to the 25-year-old via Instagram, and from there it was pure magic.

"She is great. Super creative. I love working with her," Samsonova said.  "She knows her body well, and knows how to move and what to do with it.”

Samsonova then explain what she thinks makes Jenner such an influencer.

“She has really great taste," Samsonova explained.

"The coloring is always great. Everything just looks perfect and exactly how it should. I don’t think it’s only about being famous.

"There are a bunch of famous people on Instagram, huge actresses and actors who don’t really have such big followings because their Instagram just looks really random, and they probably don’t take care of it whatsoever — or [they] just don’t know how to take a beautiful photo.

"But on her page you go there and you see everything, and it looks really amazing."

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