Taylor Swift: Asking Instagram For Help Dealing With Haters?

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The past two weeks have seen one PR nightmare after another for Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift Looks Proud

In the wake of being called out by Kim Kardashian and slammed in an angry Twitter rant by Calvin Harris, the singer disappeared from social media altogether for a few days.

Taylor returned to Instagram over the weekend, but it seems that after wishing her friend Selena Gomez a happy birthday, she made another quick exit.

Sources claim Taylor didn't like what she saw when she waded back into those dangerous waters, and we can't say we blame her.

No, we're not talking about the photo of Kim and Calvin Harris that went viral last night (although she probably wasn't thrilled by the sight of that either), we're talking about the slithering banes of Indiana Jones' existence:

Indiana Jones: Snakes

Yes, snakes.

Or more specifically, snake Emojis, which were just about the only thing you'd see in the comments section of Taylor's IG page last week:

Taylor Swift Snake Emojis

It seems fans of Calvin, Kim and Katy Perry (along with people who just flat-out don't like Taylor) have been flooding her comments with a biblical plague of slithering serpents.

But while us average shmoes just have to suck it up when we get hated on by online haters, Taylor gets to contact the bigwigs who run Instagram and have the situation dealt with.

According to the Daily Mail, Swift's people have been given a special tool to block the snakes and other disparaging comments.

Hilariously, this has resulted in yet another public backlash for Swift, as many IG users are pissed that she's receiving special treatment from the site, while those suffering legitimate harassment or stalking are left to fend for themselves:

"So instagram is just deleting sh-t for Taylor Swift but don’t do nothing when racists harass ppeople and say the n-word." wrote’ one user.

"Tbh I was there to see some snake emojis," commented another, along with some laughing smiley faces.

It's a pretty minor controversy (especially by Swift's standards these days), but it serves as yet another reminder that the girl who could do no wrong suddenly can't seem to do anything right.

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