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Last night on The Bachelorette, JoJo Fletcher expressed serious concerns about suitor Robby Hayes and his ex-girlfriend, Hope Higginbotham.

Well, now we have the real story …

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Fans who watched the episode leading up to the hometown dates rose ceremony last night – it was filmed back in May – are all wondering:

What the hell was that all about?!

Robby Hayes and Hope Higginbotham‘s relationship took an oddly front-and-center role in the drama playing out on his date in Florida.

Specifically, when Robby had a conversation with his mother … who told him, in a serious tone, that Hope’s roommate was calling him out.

Publicly. For reasons unknown.

The accusation of the roommate, who Robby calls Alex, is that he abandoned his relationship with Hope to appear on The Bachelorette.

It was all very weird …

To wit, the All-Knowing Oracle of The Bachelorette spoilers, Reality Steve, states that Bachelorette producers came up with this nonsense.

Why, you ask?

Steve claims the show had Robby’s mom blame it on Hope’s roommate when, in reality, his suspicious breakup was reported by … Steve.

He claims he will publish an email from Hope that proves the story Robby tells on TV is quite different from what really happened, too.

According to Robby, his relationship with Hope was “so bad” that it was over nine months before it was actually over. Yes, he said this.

It’s as shady and vague as that sounds, if not more so. He went to Italy with Hope in November 2015, then they clearly had a nice Christmas:

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According to Robby, his relationship with Hope was "so bad" that he should have "ended it nine months earlier," he told JoJo last night.

But he didn’t – rather, he went to Italy with Hope in November 2015, something quite well documented on both of their Instagram pages.

Quoth Reality Steve:

"Robby & Hope went 2 Italy together in Nov of last yr. But according 2 him, the relationship was so bad, he should’ve ended it 9 mos earlier." 

"Then a month after Italy, on Xmas Day, they take this pic together," he adds, sharing the above photo of the twosome from the holidays.

Pretty suspicious given his "nine months of misery" timeline and the fact that he left to film The Bachelorette this spring, wouldn’t you say?

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According to one insider, Hope spent more time with Robby’s family “than she did with her own” and would she “loved him and his family.”

Others say that Robby is trying to get out in front of this story and trying to make it look like he’s “worked hard” to be honest with Fletcher.

As for H-squared?

Monday night, Steve promised his followers that he will share the contents of Hope Higginbotham’s email on his blog at some point today.

Stay tuned.