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Yesterday, we shared The Bachelorette spoilers suggesting that a clear front-runner has emerged in the race for JoJo Fletcher’s affection.

While the final outcome of the 2016 season has yet to be decided (officially), one of JoJo’s top five is making headlines of his own today:

Robby Hayes, Girlfriend
Bachelor Contender

Oh yes, JoJo’s once-in-a-lifetime journey is shaping up to be a good one indeed, and you can bet that Robby Hayes is a major player.

In more ways than one. He’s this year "villain." 

Without fail, it feels like every season, there is someone on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette who gets cast despite being in a relationship.

Obviously, there is a fame/vanity component involved when one goes on a reality show, but when that show is about finding true love?

Shady. Far from unprecedented, but shady.

According to Reality Steve, the mysterious, online soothsayer of all things Bachelor and Bachelorette spoilers, Robby Hayes is that guy.

Mssr. Sleuth Steve says that Hayes – who reportedly makes the top five out of 25 who originally wooed JoJo – might not be that into her.

We know. Absolutely shocking.

Hayes was a “model” before he auditioned, which is a red flag in and of itself, as it smacks of someone looking to use the show for fame.

More significantly, however, Robby had been dating Hope Higginbotham (JoJo’s amazingly named, cute doppelganger above) for years.

What we’re hearing is that the couple hit a bump in the road recently, and Robby vanished without a trace … to go on ABC’s The Bachelorette.

Not exactly a witness protection program.

The best part is that he peaced out and got cast on the show – a long process, to be sure – without even telling her or saying goodbye.

One can only hope this is exposed in epic fashion, which could be more likely than not, given the show’s propensity for stirring up drama.

After all, if JoJo has already made up her mind (see above links) early on, the producers need some good plot twists to keep fans riveted.

What better than a girlfriend back home (especially one named Hope Higginbotham) and a douche who skipped out on her to woo JoJo?

Exactly. It’s too easy to imagine the wheels a-turnin’ in Mike Fleiss’ head as we speak and this being storyboarded in the writers’ room.