Becky G. Apologizes For "All Lives Matter" Tweet

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She didn't mean to offend anyone.

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Pop star Becky G. tweeted about the Baton Rouge shooting of Alton Sterling by two police officers.

"My heart hurts. All lives matter," the pop star tweeted.

Fans weren't happy with her choice of words, and retaliated by demanding an explanation as to why she didn't use the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter.

"There is a reason I didn't use the hashtag," she responded

"All i'm saying is that everyone deserves to live. No ones life should be taken away."

She gave it a second shot, to no avail.

"My prayers go out to the family and loved ones of #AltonSterling we are with you."

Though she deleted these two tweets, some fans were able to screen grab them in time.  When they demanded to know why she deleted them

"Also, about my tweet earlier. There was no bad intention behind what said. I apologize," Becky G. tweeted.

"Wasn't aware of the affiliation of those specific words and a previous "movement" that was started against the issue. My apologies."

Fans were quick to forgive her, according to E! News.  

One even tweeted, "It takes a really big person to apologize for something that you simply just had good intentions for all is forgiven and thank u."

The Mexican-American pop star is no stranger to controversial statements.

She recently spoke to USA Today about Donald Trump running for president, and her new single, We Are Mexico that was dedicated to pretty much all of Trump's offense remarks about immigrants.

"I don't believe in fighting fire with fire," she explained.

 "All I was simply doing with that song was sharing the story of my family and our version of the American Dream.

"You know, my grandparents literally being brave enough to come to another country, not knowing the language, literally with the shirts on (their) back, simply to give their family a better life. And I think that's beautiful and that’s not just the story of Latinos.

"That’s the story of so many people coming to this land that's supposed to be the land of opportunity, the land to change your life."

I like this chick.

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